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High ping

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High ping

I have seen other posts on this forum about having high ping and such however I was unsure to post on that page or create a new topic. 

I recently moved from BT to PlusNet, the original problem was the fact we were receiving 50kbps on the BT broadband, now we have had the problem with PlustNet where our Wifi started at 10Mbps but then dropped back to 50kbps and was only sorted until we called up support (I believe the problem has been sorted but thought of saying this just incase it was somewhat related to the current problem) 


I have been playing some multiplayer games recently e.g. Garrys mod, Rainbow six siege, Call of duty and more however when playing each one my ping has been unstable varying from 50 ping - 500 ping which makes it unplayable, I have done multiple speedtests on sites I know off and they show my ping is normal, I did a speedtest and looked at my ping in game at the same time and in game it shows I have 420 ping in game however the speedtest shows I have  the servers I mainly play on are UK/EU 20-50 ping. 

I am unsure of what to do or why it is happening. 


*Edit* I am using wireless connection, I am too far away to use an ethernet cable to the router, so I have a USB wireless adaptor for my PC, I didn't have a ping problem when we were previously with BT * 

Thank you for any help Smiley 

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Re: High ping

What is your wired download/upload speed?

If you have a Plusnet Hub One on fibre, log into the hub at using a web browser.

Navigate to Advanced Settings -> Troubleshooting -> HelpDesk

Report what you see for:  6. Data Rate, 8. Noise Margin.

(Note the page shows your username so you may wish to edit the image if you choose to upload it here)


What model BT router were you using if you previously had BT Infinity?


You could consider installing your BT router to see if it  makes any difference.


Wireless is always going to be inferior to cable, so have you considered trying a pair of powerline adapters if you are unable to install an ethernet cable?

Argos/Currys/Amazon sell a pair of TPlink Nano from around £25.


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Re: High ping

The attachments linked below are my download and upload on my laptop wired to the router.

I logged into the hub and these are the results


6. Data rate: 1141 / 14657
7. Maximum data rate: 1141 / 15210
8. Noise margin: 6.2 / 5.3


I wasn't on BT infinity because where I live has not yet got fibre optic, we were using a Smart hub and also the BT Home Hub 5.