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High packet loss

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High packet loss

My service switched over yesterday, so I'm not sure whether that's what causing this.


This is mainly affecting online gaming, not normal web browsing. My ping is fine (<30ms for the most part), but both in game and through testing ping I'm losing packets. This is on both wired and wireless connections.

Should I just leave my connection for a few days to settle and see if it fixes itself or is something like this unlikely to fix itself? I'm using the stock router just now, but I've got another router arriving tomorrow.

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Re: High packet loss


Welcome to the forums.

Have you seen this thread at because you may be suffering from this issue?


If not, you may have another issue or fault which needs to be diagnosed.

First thing is to check for a phone fault (if Plusnet provide the phone start here ) If you do have a phone voice fault, report it as such and do not mention any broadband issues. And then when that is fixed, see if the broadband is better.

Then if still not solved (or no phone fault is in evidence) start with the FTTC guides at