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Help with setting up Apple Time Capsule please!

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Help with setting up Apple Time Capsule please!

Hi all,


First time poster and bit of a novice with this sort of stuff, so really appreciate any advice that can be given! Smiley


Basically, we have fibre with Plusnet through the Hub One. It's been a bit unreliable and sometimes drops out. 


We wanted to use the Apple Time Capsule both as a wireless router & wireless storage device, but have found that when we connect everything we still get an orange blinking light on the Time Capsule. Logging in tells me that this is a "Double NAT" problem... I'm assuming this means that the Hub One is still emitting a wifi signal and this is a problem. Though we can connect to the new wifi signal from the Time Capsule, the old one from the Hub One is also still present.


I've done a bit of reading and can't find any concrete answer about how to put the Hub One in "Bridge Mode", which I believe is what is required? So I suppose my question is what is the best way to configure the Hub One to act purely as a modem (and not a wireless router) to connect to the Time Capsule?

Alternatively I had started to look at other fibre modems, and wasn't sure if that was a better route to go? Something like a Draytek Vigor model, for example?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Help with setting up Apple Time Capsule please!

I don't have a time capsule but I do have an Apple Airport Express.

What the Time Capsule seems to want is a WAN connection (to the Hub One) and everything else connected to it (either cabled or via WiFi).

Doing it Apple's way, connect all devices to the Time Capsules WiFi or Ethernet ports and it SHOULD all "just work".

Buying anything won't help, you have spent enough on the Time Capsule !

Once the Time Capsule is working turn off the WiFi on the Hub One.

I am the satisfied customer....
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Re: Help with setting up Apple Time Capsule please!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Firstly you can't set the Hub 1 to bridge mode, but there are a couple of things yu can do.

1. Log in to it, and turn the WiFi off.

2. Check the IP range of the Time Capsule, its likely to be the same as the Hub 1 and why you have the problem. The Hub 1 is easy to change in the advance setting, don't know about the Time Capsule.

3. Make sure you use the Hub 1 to do the authentication to PN, and not on the Time Capsule.


A Draytek or Openreach modem could also be used instead of the Hub 1



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Re: Help with setting up Apple Time Capsule please!

I have the same problem and could do with some help.


The TC wants to set up its own network when you start it up. This used to work just fine with the old BT Openreach modem from Plusnet (see but this is no longer the case with the Hub1. The Hub1 seems to have a wall in there somewhere causing the problem.

With the Hub1's network settings it can't find the TC at all. The TC wants to set up its own network, which then cannot connect. In other words you can get internet with the Hub1, but can't backup or use any of the TC's features (defeats the object of having it).


If you turn off wifi on the Hub1, presumably it's only part of the fix, as that in itself has changed nothing.


The IP address - on the TC. On the Hub1 it begins 192.

LAN IP address on the TC

I've tried to disable the firewall to see if that changed anything but it didn't (so back on again).

Any other thoughts?


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Re: Help with setting up Apple Time Capsule please!