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Help with configuring Plusnet Fibre Extra on another router

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Help with configuring Plusnet Fibre Extra on another router

Dear community


We've just joined Plusnet from TalkTalk - after experiencing really poor service. It doesn't look like we've made the right decision. We ordered Plusnet Fibre and got communication from TalkTalk that Plusnet would take over the line today (6th October). 

I phoned Plusnet yesterday to ask where the new router was - they seemed to have forgotten altogether to have sent it out, so will today put one in the post. But as of this morning, our TalkTalk internet is down altogether (though the phoen line still has a dial tone). 

No-one's sent us communciation about how we know that Plusnet Fibre is active on our line. Will we find out simply because the router would be able to work, or are we notified? 

My hope is that I can configure my TalkTalk HG633 to work with fibre internet, as it's basically impossible for me to be able to work without the internet and it seems that Plusnet are quite happy to leave us high and dry. I've had a look on this forum and on the plusnet website, and put in the settings as on the attached image. No internet. 

But is this because the settings are wrong - or because the router isn't compatible - or because there's simply no internet coming down the line to us from Plusnet? 

All help gratefully appreciated. I can't get through at all to Plusnet on the phone.

With many thanks, 


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Re: Help with configuring Plusnet Fibre Extra on another router

The Talk Talk router will not work on Plusnet, it is locked. Unfortunately you will have to wait for the Plusnet router to arrive.☹️