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Help needed. Plusnet Profile Mismatch?

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Help needed. Plusnet Profile Mismatch?

Hello. I have just had FTTC installed (two weeks ago).

Is there anyone on the forums at PlusNet who can take out the test number and incorrect exchange details on my Data Transfer page, and replace those with my correct ones?

I'm not sure if its causing the download speed issue I'm having. I am at 21mb and feel it should be around 31mb.

I noticed the solution from Chris Parr was a Plusnet Profile Mismatch,is it possible the same has happened to my line?
Could this be checked and corrected please?

Many Thanks

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Re: Help needed. Data Transfer page using test number still.

Hi Colin, 


Checking your account the number listed is the one active at your address, would you mind sending me a PM with what number you see and what it should be?


However this will not affect the speeds for you, the line profile our side was around 21Mb so I've upped that, if you restart the router you should see some improvement