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Has my connection moved?

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Has my connection moved?

For months, (all this year? longer?) I have been connected to a London Gateway seemingly.

Regular speed checks (Ookla Speedtest) use London based Servers, but for almost a week now Every Speed test is seemingly connecting to Middlesbrough or Gateshead.

Speeds don't seem affected, my limitations are distance to cabinet 700-800M, but I wonder about things (perhaps more than i should?) and always seek to know why.

Overall, enjoying my longest period ever with stable internet speeds and no issues, which can't be bad, and indicates there has been steady progress by Openreach who's vans are literally everywhere these days beefing and improving the system.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Has my connection moved?


Glad to hear things have been good!

I've checked and I can't see any reason for this on our end I'm afraid.

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 Matthew Wheeler
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