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HELP!!!! Painful Wifi, any advice on what to do?

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HELP!!!! Painful Wifi, any advice on what to do?

Iv'e been with Plusnet around 6 months now and I just can’t deal with the slow WiFi any more!  There is only me in my household and It takes an age for any pages on the internet to load or I get a message saying something about the server not responding, Facebook & Instagram half load & then buffer, videos on YouTube and Facebook just buffer constantly.  I have to turn WiFi off on my phone to get any kind of use out of them - therefore costing us more money as we are constantly on 4G. I’ve done a quick google (on my phone using 4G) and it seems this is a very common problem with Plusnet.  Any suggestions on how to fix it? I did call Plusnet after 2 months of having it & was told i coulkd not cancel & should try hard wiring with a laptop & changing the channel which i haven't done as do not have a laptop.

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Re: HELP!!!! Painful Wifi, any advice on what to do?

Have you tried splitting the 2.4 and 5GHz bands? Try each in turn and use the best. See

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: HELP!!!! Painful Wifi, any advice on what to do?


HI @SussexJim


The advice from @Baldrick1 is useful and will help to create a secondary connection that you can spread your devices across.


Unfortunately, with wifi, there's often no easy fix and it is a case of running through the various wifi channels that are available for both strands until you find one that's optimum for your location.


Although you don't have a laptop at present, it would be useful to establish the results of a speed test under these conditions to confirm that this is definitely a wifi issue rather than something more generalised in terms of speed. If you do have access to wired device at any point in time, please do this and let us know the results.


Best wishes



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Re: HELP!!!! Painful Wifi, any advice on what to do?


Is there someone with a laptop prepared to spend 30mins running a speed test for you?

Can you specify your modem/router model and line statistics (line speeds, Signal/noise ratio, error stats. - assuming they are available via wifi)? If you give the former, someone will be able to guide you to getting the latter.


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