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Registered: ‎12-09-2014 slowdowns at night

Quite often between 8pm and 11pm ish, I will be using when it becomes less responsive.   It will take anywhere up to a couple of minutes to return results, and clicking on links in results has the same issue because Google send you thorough their own referral ( url.   This isn't just on one device, but all of them.  My main desktop computer, my laptop (both running Windows 10), my Android phone and tablet, etc.  If I search using, everything is fine... but I get results which are less relevant to me.   Sometimes the problems will last just a few minutes.  Sometimes over half an hour.  I've always had Google DNS servers configured at router level, but when I change to Plusnet's DNS servers and reboot it, the problem doesn't go away.
I'm just wondering if anyone else on Plusnet experiences this problem?