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Goodbye Plusnet

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Goodbye Plusnet

Well, this will be my last post here. I've been a Plusnet customer for years , one of which was that bad that they refunded me almost a years fees. The last year at Plusnet has been so patchy its been embarrassing when i have had friends round. Wanting to show them something on the Xbox or on the computer and the [-Censored-] poor speeds and buffering has been a joke. But the pretty graph that they always show you that its all fine is just wrong and they are either really naive or just plain thick. That stupid graph just shows the drop outs , it doesn't show you the fluctuations in speeds. You advertise it as fast, advertise it as honest broadband and its far from either. I have moved from Plusnet today to BT Infinity Fibre and its 8:44pm in the evening and its blazing fast, in fact its approx 2mb faster than i have ever had at Plusnet in the day, never mind at night. I have had no disconnections, no dropouts, no blips at all since 2pm today and i have really put it through its paces. 


To summarise, anybody who has poor speeds or constant fobbing off, I would urge you to vote with your feet and make your point heard nationwide. I will NEVER be another customer of Plusnet, even if they offered it for free. 

I am also in the process or gathering proof/evidence to take Plusnet to court (small claims court) to get back money that i am about to be charged. I will also be posting the results of that on the Daily Mail newspaper when its done , win or lose to let everybody know just what Plusnet think of their customers.




P.S Oh and I know Plusnet is owned by BT, but their targets, profit/loss will still be seperate and hopefully a few of the liars/incompetent staff will get the chop.

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Re: Goodbye Plusnet

I'm having terrible trouble with plusnet just now, customer service advisors are shocking and rude, they shout and call you names!! I was supposed to get half price fibre broadband since October last year, they've charged me full price and ain't budging on it.

Plusnet isn't owned by BT, BT and plusnet are owned by the same company, which makes them a sister company. BT aren't any better either. Watch out for hidden charges with them.

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Re: Goodbye Plusnet

plusnet is owned by the BT group,
BT retail is owned by the BT group.
no-one has ever suggested otherwise.

BT group is NOT the same as BT retail. a common misconception by joe average.
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Re: Goodbye Plusnet

Well after my latest lack of any sort of response from PlusNet on my thread here:

I too have set the wheels in motion to get away from PlusNet.

No customer service at all and if Openreach say something can't be fixed when they broke it themselves don't expect PlusNet to even bother arguing for you. They are happy to take your money but when it comes down to it they either don't care about you as a paying customer or they have zero power with their supplier Openreach.


PlusNet - We'll do sweet fa!