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Good speeds, but issues on Zoom only?

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Registered: ‎11-02-2021

Good speeds, but issues on Zoom only?

New user to Plusnet, was with Virgin Media previously and no issues. 

I'm wondering if I need to configure something in the router to make Zoom run properly? Zoom calls when hosted by other people continually stutter - meaning I capture every other word, though people on the other end say I am crystal clear. It is usually when in a meeting with only one other, or two other people, and occurs more when someone else is hosting than when I am (they have strong internet, and everyone else on the call has no problems, so it is not an issue their end). 

When I speed test while on the call I am getting decent speeds (48 - 60 mbps usually), so it's not that. I don't think I'm going to be able to continue with Plusnet if this continues, which makes me sad.  

Any advice on if there is something in the router settings or ports I can tweak to optimize for Zoom would be highly appreciated. I remember reading somewhere that someone had a similar connection issue with Whatsapp etc and it was a setting in the router, but can't remember what. Maybe there is something similar for Zoom?

Help greatly appreciated. Tricky one to diagnose.