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GFast broadband

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GFast broadband

Hi are there any plans for gfast to be enabled anytime soon? And can someone tell me how much it is to cancel my contract. Is there just a one off fee? Wanting faster speeds. Way outdated now plusnet
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Re: GFast broadband

@mappedupuk  Welcome to the forum.

What do you mean by 'will it be enabled soon'? By whom? If you put your phone number in here you will learn if it is enabled on your exchange

If you mean will Plusnet be offering it then no doubt the answer will be the same as for FTTP, that is, along the lines 'we currently have nothing to tell you'. They certainly won't make such announcements in reply to posts on this forum.

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Re: GFast broadband

"And can someone tell me how much it is to cancel my contract."

I don't know if it's still the same, but when I was with PN it was a matter of logging into your account and I think it was somewhere in the services that you have with them?