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GEA Line test request

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GEA Line test request

Hello, i was curious if i could request a line test please as i received a phone call this morning from a gentleman claiming to be with openreach and saying i should be getting 52Mb download speed, but i'm only getting 20-22Mb. I looked at my last line check through a portal link someone posted and it stated my estimated speed was 40Mb (Last checked in 2017) and my current speed was 36Mb (seems fine/normal to me.) So i'm a little confused as to what speeds i should be getting vs what speeds i am getting. I didn't ask any follow up questions on the phone and just asked them to ring me back later because i'm not 100% sure if they were trying to scam me or not since why would they ring me and not just fix it/forward it onto plusnet?


Regards, Chris.

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Re: GEA Line test request

I believe that Openreach do not call people with calls like that, unless you have a fault reported for which you will have an open ticket.

I had a call the same as this last week and contemptuously treated it in the same manner as all other scam calls.

It would be wise to be very wary should the call be returned because I believe that it is very much a scam.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: GEA Line test request

I'm not sure why you've received that call as your line is fine and there's no open faults on your account.

It may have been someone pretending to be Openreach

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