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G.Vector (G.993.5) activation?

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G.Vector (G.993.5) activation?

Is anyone able to point to a definitive list of FTTC cabinets at which G.Vector is enabled? My understanding is that BTOR are currently trialling vectoring in around 100 cabinets, but others may be upgraded where VDSL cross-talk becomes a serious problem to end-users (presumably those cabinets nearly or completely full).

I was also wondering if there is any downside to enabling G.Vector in a modem/router, even where the cabinet does not currently support it (but might in the future)? My own Asus router allows both G.Vector and G.INP to be selectively enabled/disabled by the end-user. I imagine I'm right in thinking that neither BTOR nor Plusnet would advise affected users if vectoring was activated at their cabinet.

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Re: G.Vector (G.993.5) activation?

I don't think any such list is publicly available. But many modems can report the status of vectoring, so you might be able to determine if it's in use or ever gets enabled.

There shouldn't be any downside to enabling G.Vector and G.INP support. Openreach shouldn't really need to advise end-users if they enable vectoring or G.INP on a cabinet, because they've already specified (in SIN 498 ) that these things need to be enabled.