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Futureproofing: Conduit for internal fiber?

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Futureproofing: Conduit for internal fiber?

So with the recent announcements of stop sells and everything going to fiber by in the next few/many/never years I'm thinking that with Mrs B making ever more urgent noises about decorating the lounge (it's only been 7 years since we moved in, don't know why she's being so impatient) it might make sense to put some conduit in now before we start and save having to mess it up and redo it later.

The current copper line comes in to the house in one room where there is no convenient power supply and the master socket is now under the stairs where I have a proper router and some other toys and which would be the best location for the Optical Network Terminator.

The best route is an 8m run with at least 4 x 90 degree bends and will involve some drilling (and likely some swearing, as it needs to go through a wall and also though where the stairs are bolted to the wall.

My understanding is during FTTP trials engineers arrived with a 20m length of fiber for the internal install. Anyone got any clue as to the type and if it was bare or terminated?

Any recommendations on conduit bore size and minimum bend radius - I've heard it should be at least 20 times fiber size, so 40mm for a 2mm fiber.


Cheers all.


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Re: Futureproofing: Conduit for internal fiber?


If you are putting a conduit in don't forget to leave a draw wire (e.g. non stretch nylon cord) ready for use.

I have thought how I would handle this should fibre ever get to our village.

My thoughts are that once the fibre comes in to the house the ONT can be fitted close to a power socket, it doesn't have to be in the same place as the BT Master socket, which in my case is now inaccessible from outside without major work. CAT 5E/6 cable will easily handle the WAN data from here to the router. Therefore I would have the  fibre brought into the house next to a power socket in the Dining Room and that is where the ONT would live. In my case the router could also live here. From here I would extend my Ethernet network to join up with the existing cabling in the lounge, fitting an Ethernet switch (WAP if wireless required) here to distribute Ethernet to the TV etc.

So my thinking would be to install CAT5E/6 cable wherever you possibly think you might need it, think of both WAN and LAN requirements. The cable is as cheap as chips so double up on critical routes if you're not sure. I wouldn't worry about internal conduit for fibre unless it's essential that the ONT is located under the stairs. The risk is that a cowboy Openreach contractor will turn up and nail fibre on the surface rather than use your properly prepared route. My way you have control over where internal cabling runs, maybe it's me but I hate to see it nailed around doors and on skirting boards.

Or you could possibly do both?

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