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Fttp Availablity

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Fttp Availablity

Does anyone have any indication when Fttp will be available as a full product?


Openreach have now laid all the necessary cables along the front of the house and I would much rather go with Plusnet than BY, who are the only option just now!

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Re: Fttp Availablity

You can check your house availability using the following


You need to see "WBC FTTP" in the left hand column - there should also be a column with "1 stage" or "2 stage"

In the narrative below there will be a paragraph about FTTP which might say something like "UG Feed not evaluated"


If It's available and you're a PlusNet customer then you will be accepted onto the Trial (I've not heard of anyone being refused).




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Re: Fttp Availablity

The complete list of the FTTP providers using the Openreach WBC FTTP can be found at


So it isn't just BT or Plusnet. There are a few others too.