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Frequent evening disconnects

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Registered: ‎25-03-2020

Frequent evening disconnects


I have raised a ticket regarding my Plusnet Hub frequently disconnecting after around 4pm. It happens maybe once or twice an evening but appears stable during the day (thankfully as my wife is home working).

This has happened before about twelve months ago but seemed to rectify itself after a fortnight if I remember correctly. This time it has been going on for around a month. I’ve been with Plusnet for years and the frequent evening disconnects are starting to get annoying.

An engineer performed a line test this morning and could not find a fault.

He told me that therefore the fault will either be the router, my wiring or with Plusnet themselves balancing the connection. He couldn’t check the first two due to covid.

My wiring hasn’t changed and getting a professional to change it seems a drastic option if other factors are the actual culprits.

There have been a lot of new builds in the immediate area so wonder if that could affect ‘Plusnet balancing the connection’?

The only other thing to try is a change of router. Has anyone had success in getting Plusnet to send out a replacement free of charge in these circumstances or similar?

I’m also disappointed that Plusnet apparently consider less than six drops out in a day acceptable.

I also wonder if the line would show a fault in the evening when the disconnects occur as opposed to this morning when invariably they do not.

The disconnects only last about a minute before all is fine again but the frustration I’m feeling is mounting.

Thanks for reading.