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Frequent dropped connection and speed problems

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Registered: ‎28-03-2020

Frequent dropped connection and speed problems

First of all, does anyone know how to contact customer services at the moment? I know the hours have been revised due to current circumstances but I phoned within the hours and got an automated response saying my call can't be taken.

Anyway, for months now I've been having dropped connections multiple times a day (my PC is wired directly to the router and loses internet) and speed problems. Sometimes my phone can't even load pictures on facebook connected to wifi... I tend to stick to using 4G because my wifi is so bad. I've had multiple speedtests show around 10mbps on different occasions, and even on My Account plusnet is telling me my current line speed is 10mbps. My guaranteed speed (Fibre Extra) is just under 40mbps. I'm also being massively overcharged at £38 a month for a £27 a month package, and as stated above I can't reach anyone to talk about this over the phone.

Really not happy with my service.