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Frequent disconnections

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Registered: ‎15-10-2016

Frequent disconnections

For the last few days my fibre broadband has been regularly disconnecting, at least 7 times today. Each time I have checked the orange light is on suggesting that the physical connection is OK but my coonection has been dropped by the server.


The log message is typically

15:04:09, 28 Nov. (6188189.610000) PPPoE is down after 83 minutes uptime [Waiting for Underlying Connection (WAN Ethernet 2 -​ Down)]
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Re: Frequent disconnections

mine to, its the worse service for an ISP I have ever had, unreliable, slow very poor, constantly going off. Only signed up about 8 days ago and have spent more than 4 of those days with no service at all, constant waiting on the phone morning and evening becoming very tedious and boring, wished I had never heard of Plusnet, they should keep to spoon whittling as they are very poor ISP supplier.