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Frequent but not predictable fibre broadband dropouts

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Registered: ‎03-02-2011

Frequent but not predictable fibre broadband dropouts

I have been a customer of Plusnet for many years, pre fibre too and have been reasonably happy with the service reliability, until the last 2years or so. Dropouts have increased from hardly ever to the current situation where they occur most days but at irregular times. The service is normally repaired by either restarting the hub 1 or by switching off the router for approximately 5 minutes and restarting. In these current times of ordering on line and completing transactions a sudden drop out can leave you with the very irritating situation of having to start all over again!.

I have found that my spare BT hub5 drops out less than the PN hub1 but both can give problems. I have contacted PN customer technical help with this on occasions and the service will ironically, but with no apparent justification, behave for up to a week before it drops out again. I have been asked to do the usual checks including the master socket option. My problem with the master socket is that it was replaced by Open Reach when I first moved in here X years ago and they crossthreaded the  screws and I cannot remove the outer cover without breaking the box, ie my damage. 

My question is can I ask for an technician to call to sort this out, as my wife gives me hell everytime we get a drop out and she is using the computer( hers is wifi windows 10, mine is apple on ethernet. We lose all  broadband connections but not the phone of course. I cannot really persuade PN to do anything until my master socket is accessible?

Any suggestions folks?


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