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Frequent Slow Speeds and Connection Loss!

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Frequent Slow Speeds and Connection Loss!

I've been with Plusnet for a couple of months, but for the past two weeks, I've been experiencing frequent connection issues. I have a Plusnet Hub One and I am connected via Ethernet (but the issue also occurs with wireless).

These issues have progressively got worse; before, I'd experience slow speeds only in the evenings, but now they happen throughout the whole day and the connection often drops completely. This has made playing some games impossible (but strangely, some games are fine).

I have performed speed tests and I get perfect speeds every time.

An engineer came yesterday and said the line was testing fine too. He installed a new double socket so that I didn't have to use an external filter, but that didn't change a thing. 

During testing, the engineer said the ADSL cable took a while to connect to his device, but once it connected, it tested perfectly. He recommended I try a new ADSL cable, which I did today, but it made no difference. 

He recommended a new router but he said it's not certain to be that. 

Up until a couple of days ago, my connection issues would only happen during the evenings (from around 5 PM). Now, however, they happen all day.

I have reset my router to factory settings but it made no difference. I have tested multiple devices and they all have the same connection issues (thus ruling out a problem with my PC). 

I have checked the service status for my area, but I can't make any sense of it. I live in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire if anyone else could clarify for me. Baring in mind I've been having these issues for at least two weeks now...

Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Re: Frequent Slow Speeds and Connection Loss!

Had the same thing. although today is aweful guessing the issues are nation wide since it doesnt give an area  ont he service status. It would be nice if they  told us what was  wrong  and a timescale ona  fix right now i cannot do any prep work for my final year at Uni very very frustrating 

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Re: Frequent Slow Speeds and Connection Loss!

@TweetyUK @Menace

Welcome to the forums.

As you have seen today Plusnet are having major service issues which isn't helping with your own issues.

Have you both seen this thread at because you may be suffering from this issue?

If not, you may have another issue or fault which needs to be diagnosed.

First thing is to check for a phone fault (if Plusnet provide the phone start here ) If you do have a phone voice fault, report it as such and do not mention any broadband issues. And then when that is fixed, see if the broadband is better.

Then if still not solved (or no phone fault is in evidence) start with the FTTC guides at


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Re: Frequent Slow Speeds and Connection Loss!

Yes, my issue sounds very much like the issues being reported in that thread! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. 


Also, no, no issues with the phone.