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Fluorescent light tube and my line

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Fluorescent light tube and my line



I'd just like to mention something very interested that has perplexed me in many ways. I figured out why my IP Profile changes from 68.11Mbps for about a couple of years, to 71.12Mbps for a week and then 76.24Mbps for a month and now back to 71.1Mbps.


I have discovered that switching my kitchen light (which is one of those old fluorescent light tubes) on when it's off, causes the HDMI connection to my TV to temporarily cut and then come back. Weirdly, this only happened since yesterday when I changed my HDMI cable to a braided one (it was cheap on eBay; I thought it might solve my issues with audio, seems like it probably has no shielding at all Crazy2 )


My assumption is that the fluorescent light tubes create a lot of electromagnetic noise (my tube is quite old, since we moved in) and this causes the HDMI cable to have no signal (HDMI cables give a picture if there is signal and none if there is none) for a second and for the picture to come back on. I did also have previous issues with my monitor, which had displayed vertical lines incorrectly, (which is upstairs) and this I fixed by added tin foil towards all of the connections to the LCD display (a couple of months back).


Now I've realized that during the summer, I had turned the lamp on less frequently, causing fewer noise to the em spectrum. Which is how I got 76.12Mbps; throughout the summer. Now that it is much more dark, my IP profile has lowered to 71.11Mbps which shows that it is interfering with my line as well.


So I guess it's time to change this long tube light with a modern day equivalent light if I don't want my devices to start disconnecting every time someone goes to the kitchen Shocked Last year, I found out the kettle did the same thing as well, I am starting to think that I should find a way to filter these electrical circuits; but all of my electrical wiring are separate circuits... 


Just wanted to post this if someone else experiences issues like mine, where the IP profile has always changed a lot throughout the years since joining Plusnet on 2014 Thumbs Up

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Re: Fluorescent light tube and my line

Thanks for getting in touch!

We do often find that seemingly unrelated household equipment can affect broadband connections - one of the most common ones is twinkly Christmas tree lights causing disruptions over the festive period. I'm glad you've managed to pinpoint what was affecting your line and I'm sure this will be very helpful to other customers who have similar issues.

Hopefully changing the bulb will get things sorted for you so you can take full advantage of your connection. Let us know if you have any more discoveries!

 Kathleen Grief
 Plusnet Support