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Firewall-recursive DNS blamed-tech refuse to assist & just blame customer! Help!

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Re: Firewall-recursive DNS blamed-tech refuse to assist & just blame customer! Help!

Quote from: krestsaf
Wow Andrue thanks so much for the uneccessary unsavoury reply.
I'm sorry but I was trying to keep it factual and brief.
3.i think there has always been a fault on my line and have reported it several times however, physical restrictions make it difficult to test the line in the remit that tech wish me to carry out faultfinding exercises
That's unfortunate but all I can suggest is that you continue down the fault reporting route. Eventually PN might agree to send an engineer out without you providing the requested information but then you are at risk of being charged if the fault is in your equipment. Part of why PN want you to carry out the tests is to ensure that doesn't happen. Another reason is that some issues can be resolved with ten minutes of your time and a screwdriver whereas it can take several days for a BT engineer to turn up.
2.its established that the is a dns issue on the line if you borhered to read the prev comments before just jumping in to judge me Shocked
The specific issue of the firewall being turned on, yes. I was one of the people that pointed that out to you.
5. FYI when the firewall is switched it DOES causes me to lose connection
No, I really think it doesn't. PN say that you have to restart the connection to see the effect but they don't (last I checked) say that changing it will cause the connection to stop and it didn't bounce my connection back when I had the firewall issue late last year. It's slightly more possible that it might drop the current PPP connection but the modem is very unlikely to lose sync. And if the current PPP session dies any router worthy of the name will just start a new one. Shouldn't interrupt service for more than a few seconds these days. Mind you the same is true even on a sync failure. Something is very wrong with a router if a dropped connection means that it immediately and permanently switches to the backup connection.
and the wifi signal drops to zeeo
Even more unlikely. The wifi signal has no reason to drop to zero even if the DSL link does drop.
Why do you doubt my comments?
Because I know them to be either very or extremely unlikely and trying to help you resolve your situation based on those premises is not going to help. It may possibly look like there is a link but I have over two decades of experience with broadband of all flavours that tells me that changing your firewall settings is very unlikely to do either of those. What's far more likely is a router fault (or power supply glitch) that accounts for the router behaviour. I can imagine that if you have a power glitch/router barf then re-establishing the PPP session might trigger PN to resend that firewall message (as a kind of reminder) but I'd be amazed if that email was sent a few seconds before each and every connection and wifi failure.
But try and keep this calm. Avoid the temptation to go into conflict mode. We're all trying to help you. Nothing we post is an attempt to annoy you or make you look stupid. We're trying to understand the situation and it's just that some of what you say makes no sense. That gives us two choices: We just shrug and leave you to your own problems or else we try and dig deeper to find out what's going on.
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Re: Firewall-recursive DNS blamed-tech refuse to assist & just blame customer! Help!

You're not losing connection as frequently as I'd have thought given your description of the symptoms:
Session Started	Session Ended	Session Duration
19:32 31/Mar/2016 N/A   22:18:38 (on going)
12:35 30/Mar/2016 19:31 31/Mar/2016 One Day, 6:56:14
00:57 26/Mar/2016 12:34 30/Mar/2016 4 Days, 10:37:12
16:06 19/Mar/2016 23:34 25/Mar/2016 6 Days, 7:28:9
09:03 19/Mar/2016 16:06 19/Mar/2016   7:3:25
20:14 11/Mar/2016 09:03 19/Mar/2016 7 Days, 12:49:12
02:38 09/Mar/2016 20:14 11/Mar/2016 2 Days, 17:35:5
20:01 04/Mar/2016 02:38 09/Mar/2016 4 Days, 6:37:3
15:14 01/Mar/2016 20:00 04/Mar/2016 3 Days, 4:46:31
22:21 24/Feb/2016 15:13 01/Mar/2016 5 Days, 16:51:46

That's taken from our logs and shows just two disconnections in the last 7 days. I think it would help to know what devices you have connected to the router and how. i.e. mobile phone connected wirelessly, desktop connected wired etc. etc. The performance issue could well be a wi-fi connectivity issue rather than anything to do with the Internet connection itself.
Regarding the open resolver/Firewall (which I agree, does not seem to be related to a lot of your issues). Turn the firewall off, and disconnect/switch off all but one of the devices connected to the router. Switch the modem and router off. Switch the modem back on, wait a few minutes, switch the router back on and wait until it reconnects. Browse to the website here from the single device you've left connected. Do you see a success message after clicking 'Proceed'? If so, switch another device on, wait until it establishes a connection to the router then re-run the test. Keep on doing this, until you get a failure (assuming you do of course).
To be honest, the easiest solution seems to be simply leaving the firewall on. It doesn't sound like there's anything you're doing that needs it switching off, and having it permanently on isn't going to influence your basic Internet connectivity or wi-fi signal in any way whatsover. If you continue to experience issues with it left permanently on then your problem lies elsewhere.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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Re: Firewall-recursive DNS blamed-tech refuse to assist & just blame customer! Help!

It look like from the evidence we have so far, that the Firewall change is causing the router to re authenticate itself back to PN servers which is causing the connection drop that you are seeing. I'm guessing the BT Modem is staying connected which points to not being a line issue.
The high data usage on your phone is caused by it failing over to 3G / 4G mobile data when it can't get to the internet via Wi Fi for any reason, my Nexus 5 does this as do other Android phones.
I suspect that the WiFi drop out is caused by something inside your home maybe on even on your internal network. A misconfiguration on the  WiFi extender could easily be the culprit as could be the Android box you have plugged into your network.
As the WiFi extender is the last thing you plugged in and it seemed to work before then, I suggest you get someone to unplug it and see what happens.