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Filters etc

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Filters etc

I am upgrading to fibre next week (says he with fingers crossed) and could do with some advice regarding filters. I have fitted the master socket and two extensions with ADSL Nation filtered faceplates rather than use the things that hang in line. They are currently wired such that I can plug my router and a telephone into any of them. I understand that OR will want to change the one fitted on the master socket and this is where the OR modem must live, my query concerns the other two. Simply, can I leave them in place and wire the feed from the telephone output on the new faceplate to the extensions  (they are connected in series) then use the telephone output only on each without affecting either broadband or phone performance or do I need to buy replacement faceplates to return the two extension outlets to unfiltered telephone only output sockets?
A second question - is it possible to use powerline transmission between the WAN output of the OR Modem and the router?
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Re: Filters etc

As you probably know, the installer will (or should) fit a MK3 master socket, which has the filter built in. From that master socket, you can wire in filtered connections (for telephones) or/and an unfiltered connection (VDSL). The Openreach modem does not have to live at the master socket, you can move it elsewhere, either using a VDSL extension (twisted pair cable), or using existing wiring (usually flat cable).
If you go with existing wiring, then that extension will now become a modem only extension (no phone). That extension wiring would be connected into the A B terminals (unfiltered) of the master socket. Any other extension wiring can be connected into the filtered connections of the master socket, so these extensions are for phone only now (no modems).
It is usually preferable to use twisted pair cable for the VDSL extension as it is more immune to noise, but if that is not convenient, many people use existing wiring without issue. Every installation is different.
If you plan on having your modem at the master socket, all your extensions can be connected to the filtered (phone only) master socket connection.
You could continue to use the filtered faceplates but that defeats the purpose of having one central filter at the master socket. I don't actually think it would cause any problems using the filtered faceplate, since they are just extra filters on an already filtered extension. The important thing is that the VDSL signal is not going all around your entire wiring,
So the short answer to your question is yes, I think you can use the filtered faceplates (provided they are connected to the filtered output of the master socket).
You can also request a VDSL extension kit with your install (it is included in the price). It includes twisted pair cable, and an RJ11 linebox.
Regarding the second question about powerline adapters, I am not sure, but my instinct would be to say yes, but I would not take that as fact. Maybe someone who knows more can answer.
A word of warning about powerline adapters, some of them can severely degrade your VDSL signal. I had a pair of them that injected loads of noise on the signal. I don't use them anymore. I know plenty of people use them without issue. So I don't know if it is certain adapters, or the topology of the wiring, or a combination of both that causes the problem.
Best of luck with the install.