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Fibre upload speeds much slower than usual

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Fibre upload speeds much slower than usual

Hello there, as of today our internet speed has dropped in upload speed significantly. The download speed remains the same, but the upload speed has plummeted. Here is my evidence:



Below is the usual speed that we get (taken from last year):





As you can tell, I am a gamer myself, and this low upload speed is interfering with any activity I am doing. My friends cannot hear me properly. 


Some important notes:


> Recently my mother has asked for a lower price for our fiber. I am not sure whether this has caused this speed drop off. 

> The traffic is no more than it usually is

> The internet test feature on the PS4 isn't overly accurate, but it is a rough guide to what speed we are getting. 

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Re: Fibre upload speeds much slower than usual

Could you run a wired speedtest at and let me know what your upload speed is?

It's odd as there's no profile that could limit upload speeds to .333 as far as I know.



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