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Fibre upgrade [-Censored-] service

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Fibre upgrade [-Censored-] service

Long term customer of 15 years, decided to upgrade to fibre and phone line, email said would be completed on 7th of August.. No updates at all, logged in to my account area to see internal mgs from plus net to tech team, it clearly states keep customer updated, spent hours trying to get through on the phone gave up, my broadband is now even slower than I had before, I cannot work from home and worst still my phone line is now dead... I asked for an update on support case on sat it's now Tuesday and nothing.. Posted on social media complaint of shocking service, now considering going to press this is the worst customer service I've ever had... Please can someone get in touch and sort my broadband and phone today
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Re: Fibre upgrade [-Censored-] service

Hi, yours is not the only case of its kind unfortunately. There are many other similar complaints.

Trey a Google search for 'Consumer Champions' for names and email addresses of journalists who may be able to help.

Search 'Overscore' on here for lots more options to complain too.

Good luck.