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Fibre unlimited unstable (dropping connection)

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Fibre unlimited unstable (dropping connection)

We have suffered from unstable connection for months, essentially since moving to PN. We need a stable WiFi connection for multiple devices at the same time for online schooling and working from home. I now use a mobile phone hotspot for important work videoconference meetings as it's more reliable.

Connection speed which is generally good drops periodically to below what is needed to maintain audio and video in a meeting. Wifi signal strength is always strong. Sometimes the connection drops completely (connected, no internet) for 10-30 seconds which is not fit for purpose. Today I was disconnected at least 3 times while on calls. All devices experience this in parallel so it's not a device issue.

To try to troubleshoot I have removed all unnecessary connections from the WiFi network (eg WiFi extender) and based on other threads here I have separated the 2.4 and 5GHz bands in the router settings. Before doing this the router seemed to be temperamental about allowing connections, often refusing devices to connect. Separating bands has stopped that behaviour - devices connect to 2.4GHz without complaint - but the unstable connection is no better. Incidentally, router 5GHz band allows no devices to connect.

We need this to be sorted or else at first opportunity we're off to another provider. We had no problems on this line previously when we were with Sky.
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Re: Fibre unlimited unstable (dropping connection)

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Re: Fibre unlimited unstable (dropping connection)

Thanks for your post @jhol78 

I've tested your line today and the tests aren't showing any issues with your router getting a speed of 40mbps and no drops over the last 29 days but based on what you've said it looks like the issues you're having are to do with the wireless. 

For the 2.4GHz wireless, try changing the wireless channels. I've included some steps below if you're unsure how:

1. Go to the router's homepage at

2. Click on the Advanced Settings tab

3. Type in the admin password found from the back of the router and click the OK button

4. Click on the Continue to Advanced Settings button then the Wireless tab

5. From here you'll be able to change the wireless channel.

It's generally a case of trial and error, changing one channel and retesting to see how it goes, however if you download a wireless analyser app available on the Google Play store, you should be able to find out which channels are least being used and then see if you can choose a channel that's not as congested.

For the 5GHz wireless, i'd recommend posting in this topic Here so we can update your router's firmware.

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