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Fibre speeds

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Fibre speeds

Hi just wondering if anyone can help me. Recently changes from sky to plusnet 80/20. When first made order they predicted 50-65. However since getting online with plusnet that got delayed because of a problem. I don't seem to be connecting at anything over 45. And upload won't go above 10. Is there anything someone can look into my line for me.

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Re: Fibre speeds

Predictions are rarely accurate. They usually always short change you. 45 sounds about decent. It would be great if we all got what we pay for but that just isn't how it goes. I have a package that promises/estimates 38-42mbps I have never seen it higher than 35 and right now its 13 for some reason.


Whenever I post on here I feel like more of a nuicance than anything else. Ill let it run a few more days then ill make a post.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre speeds

Welcome to the community forum @Wulleart


Sorry to hear you speeds were lower than expected based off the estimates. I see you spoke to someone regarding this via web chat not long after this post and the notes seem to advise that the connection performs as expected when connected directly to the master socket.


Unfortunately if you only experience the slow speeds when connected through extension wiring or over a wireless connection this would not be able to resolve.


Are you still connected via the master socket now?

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