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Fibre speeds not consistent

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Fibre speeds not consistent


I have had fibre optic broadband for over a month now and we are getting very inconsistent readings on broadband speed tests.  It can be as little as 15 and then 32. We have connected the laptop to the hub via the cable instead of wireless but this makes no difference to the speeds. It means when we stream tv it often freezes and when using the internet on devices, pages can be slow to load. We occasionally have noise on the phoneline.

We would be grateful for any advice/tips to solve this.




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Re: Fibre speeds not consistent

Hi welcome to the forums any noise on the phoneline at any time is not great and should be looked at as this can cause issues with the Broadband speeds, I would report a fault with your phoneline provider you should be ok again with the broadband side of things once the phoneline is sorted out.  

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Re: Fibre speeds not consistent

It would be worth having a look at the Help & Support pages and working your way through the advice over there.

As already mentioned, is your phone line OK, dial 17070 option 2 and make sure all is quiet.

Are you connected via a wired or Wi-Fi connection?

Once you have had a read of the help section, and answered the questions, people will be in a mch stronger position to offer you help.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre speeds not consistent

Welcome to the community forums @Kathryn

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing speed problems


Our tests aren't finding the cause of that, but the noise on the line is a good starting point to work from as your fibre connection largely runs on the phone line so any issues there can have an adverse affect on the fibre.


I've raised this ticket onto your account with steps you can take to progress this as a fault.


I hope this helps. -Anoush

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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