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Fibre speeds drop

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Registered: 12-03-2014

Fibre speeds drop

Angry Angry down from 72 to mid 30s disgusted  with this service this has been going on for weeks now .Looking  forward to when my contract ends. ip profile keeps dropping lower and lower
phone line perfect  and no extension cables at all.
What is going on...
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Registered: 24-07-2014

Re: Fibre speeds drop

We had a delta report with a decrease (unknown reason) on the evening of the 23rd April. This since increased on the afternoon of the 25th though so I would expect that to have been resolved.
There was a fault raised on your account which has been closed. If the fluctuating continues, it's worth re-raising this for us to investigate.
 Plusnet Support