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Fibre speeds compared to neighbours

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Fibre speeds compared to neighbours

We currently have an issue where our fibre speeds are lower than the guarantee given to us by Plusnet but this is being investigated and some issues with a noisy line and battery. But I have been looking at other speeds my neighbours get and they are up to 4 times faster than me. We are all going to the same cabinet and distance to main exchange but I am struggling to get 10mb and they are showing up to 79mb on the BT broadband checker. Why is there such a difference? Some properties match my speeds others much faster. I’ve done the same check with other suppliers and get similar results. How do I get this fixed so that my speeds are closer to my neighbours?
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Re: Fibre speeds compared to neighbours

@barnettmoore276  Welcome to the forum.

The immediate smart Alec answer is “move house”.

The difference may be due to when the houses had a telephone installed. There was a period, I think in the 70s when there was a shortage of copper and BT used aluminium cored telephone cable. If you are unlucky enough to be wired in this then it could be the cause of the problem, even if the cables follow the same route as copper connected neighbours. If you are in this unfortunate position I suspect that you will have to await FTTP before your fault free speed improves.

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Re: Fibre speeds compared to neighbours

Don't judge your neighbours speed based on the BT checker, its very optimistic.  Unless of course you mean the Max Observed Downstream Speed which is accurate, although also check the Observed Date to see how recently that was updated.

I have two landlines, one with Zen and one with Plusnet.  Both barely stay above the Handback threshold for a clean line, and my lines are just over 200m to the cabinet.

Both lines used to have full sync speed originally, they have reduced over time due to other customers getting broadband, causing crosstalk.