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Fibre speed

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Fibre speed

Hello . Today is 10th day when im with plusnet . My speed drops sometimes to 40 mb . On my contract minimum guarantee speed is 57mbps

i check here : , only 1 device active through Ethernet cable

10:19 : Download 21.65  , Upload 5.96  , Latency 32.50  .Capture.PNG

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre speed

Hi there @decessed.


Welcome to the Forums! 


I've just checked your line and can see the router is in sync at 65.8 Mbps. 


Here is a copy of the GEA test; 


Test OutcomePass

Test Outcome CodeGTC_FTTC_SERVICE_0000

DescriptionGEA service test completed and no fault found .

Main Fault LocationOK

Sync StatusIn Sync

Downstream Speed65.8 Mbps

Upstream Speed15.4 Mbps

Appointment RequiredN

Fault Report AdvisedN

NTE Power StatusPowerOn

Voice Line Test ResultPass

Bridge TapNot Detected

Radio Frequency IngressNot Detected

Repetitive Electrical Impulse NoiseNot Detected

Cross TalkDetected

Estimated Line Length In Metres296.1

Upstream Rate AssessmentLow

Downstream Rate AssessmentReasonable

Interference PatternNot Detected

Service ImpactNo Impact Observed

Home Wiring ProblemNot Detected


Profile Name0.128M-80M Downstream 3dB, Retransmission High - 0.128M-20M Upstream, Error Protection Off


Can you please take a look through out troubleshooting guides here and then run a speed test here and complete the test right to the end.





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 Alisdair C
 Plusnet Help Team