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Fibre speed not reliable

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Fibre speed not reliable

Hi anyone help please, not a techie at all. Moved to plusnet from Sky but seem to have slower speeds now, i have the fibre broadband (fastest one plusnet offer as far as am aware) have quite a few things connected 4 x phones, 2 x ps4, 2 x laptops but kids always complaining their games are lagging and my mobile same when browsing internet, facebook etc, i have the hub 1 router. Have tried all 13 channels and also auto setting, anything i can do and am i on the fastest offered by plusnet?
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Re: Fibre speed not reliable

Welcome to the forum.

You need to start at the beginning and work your way through various stages to find out what is happening.

1. What speed are you expecting? To find out put your phone number into this: Report the results back to us.

2. Next you need to find out what speed you are really getting. To do this you need to eliminate all sources of stuff in your house that could slow the connection down. So first you need to remove the front part of the BT master socket, Behind that you will find the test socket (the bit you have just removed is normally plugged into this). Plug your modem/router into this via the filter that came with it. Connect a computer to the router with an Ethernet cable (not wireless). Now go to and complete the speed test. When that completes follow the link to the further diagnostics. This will save the results on the BT system so that if necessary Plusnet can see them. Report the results back here.

If this is showing that there is a problem then you need to report a fault. However if that is up to sctatch then it is probably a wireless problem.

Do these initial tests then do a speed test with say ookla with your normal wireless set up. If it's very different then again come back and further advice will be forthcoming.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre speed not reliable

Hi there. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing connection problems.


The router we've sent you is the latest one we've got. Testing your line isn't showing any issues. Would you be able to try plugging your laptop into the router using an ethernet cable so we can narrow down where the issue lies? -Anoush

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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