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Fibre speed issues ?

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Fibre speed issues ?

Bit of a strange one this, been running pn fibre for a few months now and internet has become very slow to respond pages taking ages to load & sometimes not loading at all reminds me of the dial up days.
Been running constant speed tests wired & wireless and they are fairly consistant high 20,s to low 30,s mbps which is what i was told to expect upload speed much slower about 1.5 mbps max the problem is the same on a varity of devices eg desktop/tablets/laptops running various browsers.
We also run iptv which curiously runs as smooth as you like even in hd same for the you view box which is faultless.
Its a standard bt modem & tecnicolour router setup and signal is good all over the house,this problem has only become evident in the last few weeks or so and is driving me nuts any ideas ?
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Re: Fibre speed issues ?

What's it like if you use a wired connection to the router?
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