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Fibre speed issue - intermittent

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Fibre speed issue - intermittent

Having problems with my fibre speeds (FTTC), particularly it seems during evenings and weekends.


My line should apparently support a max speed of around 73.7 Mbps but with BT I was getting above that (around 75Mbps consistently). Since switching to Plusnet the speeds have plunged, sometimes less than 10Mbps, more commonly around 20-30 Mbps and often with variations of +/- 10-20 Mbps between tests done within minutes of each other.


Have already went through basic troubleshooting including turning off wifi completely and disconnecting all ethernet devices then connecting directly to master socket to test but getting the same results.

Is there some sort of throttling going on?

Please see attached for results from BT Wholesale 'further troubleshooting' tool.

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Re: Fibre speed issue - intermittent

@edwardhytsang  Welcome to the forum.

The basic tests you should do when the speed is low is:

1. Take the front off your BT Master socket (depending on the type you may need to remove 2 screws) and plug a phone (preferably wired as some wireless ones can introduce noise) in to the Test socket, which you will find in the back. Ring 17070 and select Option 2, the quiet line test. If there's any background noise then report a phone, not broadband fault. 

2. Plug a microfilter into the Test Socket and using the leads that came with your router conduct the BTw speed test and further diagnostics using the Ethernet cable between your router and computer. If this is low then all you can do is report a fault. Plusnet will have visibility of the second stage test results.

Plusnet do not throttle speeds, however you may be connected to a 'hot SVLAN'. Let us know how you get on.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre speed issue - intermittent

Thanks for getting in touch @edwardhytsang

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your speeds.

We've tested your line and we can't see any issues remotely with there being no reports of congestion at your exchange.

Can you raise a fault online here and post back once you've done so? If you can also do another speed test using the BTWholesale speed tester and ensure you do the further diagnostics again

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