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Fibre speed 1/3 what it should be, but upload doubled!

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Registered: ‎16-09-2017

Fibre speed 1/3 what it should be, but upload doubled!

About a month ago I was getting a fairly stable 36-38mb on my fibre line, ther had been no drop outs since it was installed in February. Only problem was my phone line was unusable, there was so much background noise on it you could not hear what was being said. Eventually after plusnet messed me around for months, I finally got a bt openreach engineer to come and have a look. Straight away he started blaming my internal wiring and proceeded to replace my master socket with the really ugly new one which stick out of the wall three inches! and completely nullifying the second socket in the bedroom. Still no improvement.  He then went to the cabinet and realised there was a problem there. Anyway the phone did improved and my fibre was still 34mb, with a 1mb upload rate.


a few weeks ago the missus started complaining that the Internet had been disconnecting and reconnecting several times during the day. When I checked the speed it had gone down to 15mb. Rebooting the router made no difference to the speed. So I checked the phone line, this had a fair amount of noise on it again. Called plusnet, and their check came back positive, yes there was a fault on the line. Openreach were booked, but not for a home visit, just to fix the problem at the exchange. Very next day get a call for openreach, engineer will be with you in 20 minutes! Luckily I wasn't too far from home so got back in time. Three hours later there is no improvement in my fibre speed, no improvement in the quality of phoneline, and an engineer once again telling me it's all my wiring.


Since then my speed has staying a constant 14.34mb download, there has been absolutely no fluctuation. I can do a speed rest and it has been the same to within 0.01mb every time I've measured it over the last week. Also my upload speed has doubled to nearly 2mb. The fibre package I am on only allows 1mb so this is the part that is confusing me. If there is a problem with my wiring surely I wouldn't get anything? And definitely not speeds as consistent as this?