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Fibre pushed back THREE TIMES NOW!

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Fibre pushed back THREE TIMES NOW!

So, im a new member to Plusnet services and so far.... i've not had the best first impression.
Moving from Virgin Media because of the drops-outs and randomly slow speeds (annoyingly, its been good recently....)
So i ordered Plusnet about a month ago, ready for it to activate just as Virgin Media finishes. Which was the 30/1/16 which was the initial date my fibre was meant to be going forward.
Engineer came on the 28th, sorted out the socket and line and it was all A-OK! Great news! Then i realise i don't have the router yet.... this is the 29th, so i contact Plusnet via webchat whilst at work and ask when is it coming since i need the internet for the weekend for work. They said "Yes, your router should be there before your fibre starts on the 5/2/16"...... Confused, i question what they meant about 5/2/16 since on my email and my "questions" section on my account said it was to be active on the date we specified.... They tell me that there has been an issue and its now not going to be active until 5/2/16 and that i need to contact Virgin Media to extend my termination date if i want internet for the time between 30/1/16 to the 5/2/16... Annoyed but understood, i went on the phone to Virgin Media for 56 MINUTES!!! (which is partly why im trying to leave them) just to change my date to the 5th....
Saturday night roles up, 8pm, i receive a text stating that my service won't be active until 16/2/16?!?!
What on earth is going on?! Why am i being told several different dates constantly? I'm now going to have to contact Virgin Media AGAIN looking like a fool to change my date AGAIN and spend MORE MONEY ON MY PHONE BILL for being told FALSE INFORMATION.
This is a terrible first impression, i highly regret leaving Virgin Media now and wish i just stayed there. They were cheaper aswell.....
Where do i stand with this? Anything i can do to sort something out? Anybody have any advice? This happen to anyone else? Will it get pushed back AGAIN? Will i ever get their internet?
The annoying thing is is that i don't even use a house phone, if i couldn't, i wouldn't even have a phone line since i don't even have a house phone. I only use my mobile, yet i'll be paying for this service that i HAVE to have just because i want Fibre which i can't even use yet....
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Re: Fibre pushed back THREE TIMES NOW!

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