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Fibre no faster than standard broadband

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Fibre no faster than standard broadband

I was switched over to unlimited fibre two days ago.


While the upload speed has increased slightly my download speed is exactly the same no improvement at all


(although on some tests my upload speed is actually faster than the download)


Is this expected --will it improve?   I know internet speed can change over time  Cos at the moment I'm wondering why I am spending more for the same service.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre no faster than standard broadband


Hello @RMFH, thanks for getting in touch.


I have  checked the connection and your speed is showing below estimates on our side. Although our tests aren't picking up an external fault, this does not mean there isn't one and we would need to rule out the following as the cause, you internal wiring, equipment, or wireless.  

1) Please plug your router into the test socket with no other devices connected to your phone line. A guide on how to locate your test socket can be fount here;


2) Disconnect and reconnect the cable that goes from the DSL port on the router to your microfilter/master socket making sure it is a snug fit.


3) Also, please make sure there is no damage to the cables. Connect a device via Ethernet to the router.


4) Go to and complete the test right to the end.


Please follow the online instructions and put input your telephone number to upload the speeds to the BT servers and please raise a fault online by going to, where this will be submitted to our faults team for further testing so that we can resolve the issue for you.


Moderator's note by Adie (Dvorak) fixed speedtest link

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 Plusnet Help Team