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Fibre line completely down in local area

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Fibre line completely down in local area

Since 8am yesterday my fibre has been down. Called yesterday at 2pm to be told BT had estimated to fix it later in the day. Still nothing today so we call back and are told it's still down. Put on hold whilst someone contacted BT and have literally been told it's just down. Not even an estimated fix time, nothing. Not even a reassurance that it will be fixed. Out of the 14 days it's been connected it's been down for 4 of those. Really not impressed. Even an estimated fix time but to call technical support to be told "ah I dunno" isn't really professional!
Anyone else having trouble connecting in gateshead. Curious to know how many others are affected. Judging by the 47 min hold time to get through to customer services I'm going to say a fair few.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre line completely down in local area

Sorry to hear that.

I can't find your account through the normal means.

Can you PM us your username?

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