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Fibre dropping connection over past 3 months

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Fibre dropping connection over past 3 months

Long time plusnet customer.  I have fibre.  My routers are connected to the master socket.  I have some wired and some wireless connections to my devices.

I've found over the past 3 months or so our internet connection keeps dropping across all our devices at the same time (wired and wireless) indicating the internet/router has gone down rather than just the wifi signal being weak.  Today, it seemed to be out for 30mins before I restarted the router.

When this happens, I wait for a while to see if it corrects itself (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't) and then i have to turn off the router, wait a minute and turn it on and shortly after, internet service is restored.

My router is normally on 24/7/365.

My router is the "plusnet hub one".  Other than these outtages over past 3 months or so the service has been fine.

Are there any known faults in my area/with my router/on my line?

Can you detect anything from my router logs?



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Re: Fibre dropping connection over past 3 months

What colour is the led when "the router goes down"?

Does the broadband actually go down? Can you check the logs and report back?