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Fibre connection slow

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Registered: ‎18-06-2018

Fibre connection slow

Hi Guys,


I had my line connected on the 15th May but I'm only getting 15Mbps down but 19Mbps up!


I have a Draytek router which shows that it should be getting 80 down. All the tests carried out have been on the LAN and only the ADSL cable plugged in to the master (phone extensions removed) I had plusnet do a line test which says it is fine but the sync speed in the member centre also shows 15Mbps. What can I do to get this resolved?


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre connection slow

Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing speed problems.

I've updated the connection profile on your account now. If you can do a single disconnect/reconnect of the PPP session you should see higher speeds.

If this fixes the problem, apologies that this wasn't done sooner.

Let us know how your speeds look.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team