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Fibre connection keeps dropping most evenings.

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Registered: ‎15-11-2019

Fibre connection keeps dropping most evenings.


I’ve had Plusnet fibre broadband for more than a year. 

Originally I had problems with the line dropping connection each evening about 22:00 and went through all the usual Plusnet checks with no improvement.  After a while, I gave up and stopped monitoring because, at that time in the evening, it was not too inconvenient. 
I did an occasional check during the year which showed the line was a bit more stable with drop-outs only occurring after a few days, but I’ve no idea why.   Over the Christmas period the line was OK for more than 20 days. 
However, since then it has dropped nearly every evening between about 20:00 & 21:00
This is more inconvenient as it affects streaming TV  

Nothing has changed in the house, all devices are connected through WiFi, the only physical connections to the router are power and line. The micro filter is part of the Openreach 5C master socket, which I’m sure is fine. 

I’m certain the problem is external to the house, especially as my immediate neighbour experiences drop-outs at similar times. My neighbour is with EE, so I don’t think it’s an ISP problem, but a BT issue. 

We live in a small residential close, the utility services are all underground and are now more than 35 years old.  Maybe the phone cables are defective, especially as they pass close to an electricity sub-station en-route to the cabinet.

Any advice as to how to sort this problem would be appreciated.