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Fibre broadband

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Fibre broadband

My fibre broadband keeps dropping out, and I'm really getting [-Censored-]ed off with it. I have tried phoning but always kept hanging on with no one answering.its getting to the stage where I will go to another provider.I hope someone from this company picks this up and sorts out the problem.
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Re: Fibre broadband

Hi @wrenny1

Your most recent radius log:


Are you having problems on a wired or a wireless connection?


At the moment it seems that the connection seems ok right up to the socket, there aren't any physical dropouts. It seems more likely that the wireless signal is poor. From here it may be worth looking into changing your wireless channel (info on how to do that can be found here).


It'd be a case of trial and erroring different channels, to see if one proves to be more reliable.


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