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Fibre broadband with Devolo dlan500 WiFi: basic questions

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Fibre broadband with Devolo dlan500 WiFi: basic questions

Hi there,

I'm switching from BT and am due to be connected to PlusNet Fibre next week. The router has just arrived (PlusNet Hub One). I want to take the opportunity of improving WiFi coverage throughout the house AND establishing a Guest WiFi  network for visitors. I've bought a Devolo dlan 500 duo WiFi, which has the unit that plugs into the mains and connects to the router, plus one plug-in WiFi unit. The Devolo WiFi unit comes with its own WiFi SSID and password, which can be changed in software, where the Guest account can also be set up.


What I don't understand is what I do with the PlusNet WiFi. Do I set the Devolo WiFi to have the same SSID and password as the PlusNet router (or Vice-versa), or do I switch off the PlusNet WiFi, or do I actually end up with three separate SSIDs?


Thanks for your time.

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Re: Fibre broadband with Devolo dlan500 WiFi: basic questions

You probably plan to install the devolo poweline access point in another part of your property which currently has weak wireless coverage.  Therefore you won't want to turn off the wifi on the Hub One which currently provides coverage in the immediate area around the router.

It is up to you whether or not to use the same wireless SSID and passphrase on both the Hub One and devolo access point.

However, you will want to ensure both devices are using different wireless channel numbers.  On 2.4 GHz band, use only 1, 6 or 11.

Note that if you choose to use the same wireless SSID, it does NOT mean your wireless devices will automatically switch to the strongest signal when moving around the property.  eg. from Hub One to devolo, and vice versa.