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Fibre broadband extremely slow

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Fibre broadband extremely slow

Hi I am getting extremely slow broadband speeds when I am supposed to be receiving 34mbs download and 9mbs upload (I know these figures from the speed test before). Now I did a speed test and I am getting 2.5mbs download and 1mbs upload these speeds are appalling and I am unable to even stream films on Netflix. I have paid for fibre broadband and expect to receive the minimum speed for broadband. If this is not fixed I will be requesting a refund for the poor service and speeds. I have reset the router multiples times, used wired connections etc but all to no avail. Please could you fix this for me. Thank you

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Re: Fibre broadband extremely slow

Sounds like an issue with the line or bad DSL cable.


Have you got a Filter plugged into the socket or do you have a socket with a connection for the broadband and one for the phone?


Have you replaced the DSL cable between the router and the master socket?


Have you called the provider and asked them to perform line tests, check the line profile etc

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre broadband extremely slow

Hi there, 


I've just checked your account and can see that we've raised a line fault with Openreach for you. That's still being worked on but we should have an update for you within the next couple of days. Here's a link to the fault ticket where we've documented the issue on your account: - Adam 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team