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Fibre & devolo wifi don't play well together.

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Registered: ‎27-01-2016

Fibre & devolo wifi don't play well together.

just a gentle warning ;-) just had fibre installed and up until now the fibre was losing connection and having to re-sync at least 4 times an hour. Tried using my own router and still had the same issue until i made a small change to my existing setup. Devolo wifi is currently turned off. Devolo units are still working as they should through my sockets, just without wifi enabled.

Just to clarify, my own router TP-Link Archer VR900 was working fine on ADSL 2+ with devolo signal extenders with wifi enabled, it was only when switching to fibre that the issue occurred.

I know this has been discussed previously, but for newbies (like me) it could save a lot of marriages. ;-)