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Fibre Unltd

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Fibre Unltd

I just signed up to fibre unltd broadband and I’ve connected the router and have the blue light. Phone line working and router appears to be evidently working, I am connected to WiFi writing this now. Problem being when I run a wired speed test to my laptop I’m getting download of no more than 9mbps. I have checked all wires connected properly, admittedly I am on an extension from my phone socket to a microfilter but if the internet is working and it’s just the speed would rule out this being the problem. I assume everything has been activated as plusnet account summary shows me service is active. Any thoughts?

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre Unltd

Hi there, 


From checking your account you haven't moved over to Fibre yet, that's due to happen tomorrow. 


As the Hub One works for both ADSL and FTTC (fibre) connections you're connecting to your existing service so the speeds you're seeing at present are to be expected. 


I hope that clears things up for you!

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 Adam Walker
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Re: Fibre Unltd

remove the extension

these are a big NO NO as they do not consist of decent grade copper TP wire (Twisted Pair) and therefore xDSL noise cancellation is massively affected and usually causes speed loss.

If you need your router in another room then its advised to follow the proper guides to installing an extension (or moving the master socket) with the proper quality cw1308 twisted pair cable.

the best idea would be to use Powerline Adapters that use your home electrical wiring to give you a LAN connection in other rooms in the house whilst leaving the router in the hallway (or wherever it is) - dont use wifi extenders as these can decrease speed by as much as half in some scenarios