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Fibre Speed issues

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Fibre Speed issues

I changed over from standard broadband to fibre on 19th August having been advised that I would get a minimum download speed of 30.9Mbps.

My router is connected to the Master socket via an ASDL filter, and I do not have a telephone connected to the master socket

I spoke to technical support on  to advise them that I was not getting the promised speed, and they went through several checks with me, including removing the faceplate on the master socket and plugging the router directly into the test socket.  This did give an improvement in speed to 34.8 Mbps.  I was advised to change the faceplate as it looked as though there was a fault in that part of the socket. Question 205373021 on my account refers

This I did, (the new faceplate has an integral bell wire filter) but it did not make any significant improvement to my speed  - in fact when I checked it again earlier today it had dropped to 12.9 Mbps, although re-booting the router improved this to 19.6 Mbps.   Connecting direct to the test socket gives 35.5 Mbps

I have unplugged the 3 telephone extensions I have but this does not make any difference to the speed

Can you offer any further advice how I can achieve an improvement in speed?

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Re: Fibre Speed issues

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