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Fibre Speed Check

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Fibre Speed Check

Today I've had my upload speed changed from 1.9Mb/s to 7.5Mb/s as part of PlusNet's "Welcome to faster upload speeds for Unlimited Fibre". A relief for me as the slow uploads are now faster which is thankful. Could I squeeze that little extra out of my download or is this result wrong? 

So I've ran 3 SpeedTests with BT Wholesale SpeedTest and I get 29.9Mb/s out of a max of 35Mb/s Download and a 6.5Mb/s our of a 2Mb/s Upload (Profile hasn't change)...


I've ran 2 speedtests with Speedtest and I get the Max of 29.7Mb/s Download and Max of 7.5Mb/s Upload which seems to be odd against the BT Wholesale Result. I checked with the BT DSL Checker and everything seems to be the same as what the BT Wholesale Speedtest says. Could I have a GEA Result if possible as I'm getting mixed results also I've attached three images Wholesale Result, DSL Checker and Speedtest.

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Re: Fibre Speed Check

Looking at the speeds you're getting vs the estimates for your line, this appears to be performing very well and well within the estimates.


You may be able to squeeze a little more by ensuring the router is in the master socket, using a wired connection etc but other than that it looks good.

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