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Fibre: Regularly losing wi-fi connection.

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Fibre: Regularly losing wi-fi connection.

Can anyoneone help please. Trying to contact Plusnet via phone is hopeless. Hanging on for connection for over half an hour is just not on and there is no email contact or chat available. Not Happy!

I'm on home fibre with one hardwired connection and up to 4 wi-fi connections. The wi-fi is going down a number of times a week at the moment with none of the tabs or laptop being able to connect. The hard wired main computer remains connected without problem though. It can take up to 3 router power downs  to bring the wireless back with all wireless machines having to have a full shutdown each time.

Anyone have any sugestions?


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Re: Fibre: Regularly losing wi-fi connection.

Welcome to the forum.

Try separating the 2.4 and 5GHz bands then try each band in turn on each device to find the best. See here for instructions.

Another thing you can do is try different WiFi channels. These can be manually selected by again going into the router advanced WiFi settings. Ideally use a free sniffer app, I use WiFi Analyser on an Android phone. This will enable you to see the least used channels so that you can manually set the best without the need to try several options to try and find the best.

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Re: Fibre: Regularly losing wi-fi connection.


Hi @denisg


Thanks for getting in touch.


The advice you've been given by @Baldrick1 is sound and there's nothing I'd add to it. I've checked your connection from this side and everything looks absolutely fine.


Let us know how you get on with the wifi changes.


Best wishes,



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