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Fibre Plus speed & phone line.

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Fibre Plus speed & phone line.

Hi Guys,

Upgraded last month to fibre plus but have yet to see any real increase in line speed which remains at 36/12 somewhat less than anticipated, This is the same hard wired or not !. Also my landline has stopped working no dial tone available ? tried with cordless and then corded phone.

Setup is identical pre upgrade BT HH Tried re starting re booting makes no difference.

Thoughts suggestions appreciated.

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Fibre Plus speed & phone line.


Hi @astonman

I'm sorry to see your speed hasn't increased following upgrading to fibre extra and your phone doesn't work.

I've tested your line just now and the tests are showing a fault somewhere along the line so I've raised this across to Openreach and we've been given an estimated response time of by 29/09/21 23:59:59 for an engineer to take a closer look.

We'll provide an update as soon as we know more, but feel free to post back with how things go.

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